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About Us

Kalos, n.   [kay-loss]   "the highest form of beauty"

We started in 2017, with the goal spreading of happiness to people through our products. We know how difficult it can become to pick out that perfect gift for someone you love. We provide a solution to that problem, with our  premium quality gifts at reasonable prices. 

Gifts are meant to be constant reminders of love and happiness. Whether you're crazy busy with work or simply having a bad day, Kalos gifts remind you to focus on the things that bring you joy.  There are endless reasons to smile and our mission is to constantly remind you of them. 

Giving back

Take your love, happiness, and generosity to the max. We love to give back and donate a portion of proceeds from each order to various non-profit organizations. With Kalos, you get the best of both worlds, you get to surprise the people you love with the best gifts in the world, while simultaneously donating towards a good cause. 

We want to help make the better place and every customer allows us to continue doing so.